3 Services Professional Movers Offer

Whether you are planning a residential or commercial move, you will find that it takes planning and labor. Organizing the items to be moved, packing them, and then, unpacking them at the new site sounds simple. For the most part it is; it just requires several hours to complete. While most people complete these tasks on their own, you also have the option to hire the services of professionals like movers in Pinellas County, FL.

Here are three services that professional movers provide.


If you currently live in a studio, your friends may be able to help you move your things. If you are moving at least one room’s worth of furniture and other items, hiring the services of a mover makes sense. They have the ability to use their larger trucks as well as travel long distances. They employ trained movers who can aptly pack a truck so that damage is not caused to your belongings.

For a commercial move, hiring the services of professionals is almost a given. Desks, chairs and computers require extra care and space, which movers provide. Whether your business operates in one room or an entire floor, professionals can handle the job.


A professional moving company, like movers in Pinellas County, FL, specializes in packing and unpacking, too. Since they will physically transport your items, they can pack in a manner that makes the process efficient. Once they arrive at the destination, unpacking occurs seamlessly, too. This cuts down on the hours used for labor that saves you time and money.

Supply Discounts

A move requires organization, time and effort. It also requires packing supplies. Boxes, tape and bubble wrap are some, and if you hire the services of a professional moving company, they can sell these supplies to you at a discount. They purchase these items in bulk, so they usually have them handy. Plus, it saves you a trip to a supply store.

A move, residential or commercial, is an involved job. movers in Pinellas County, FL can move, pack and offer you supply discounts.

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Tips For Painting Cabinets

I thought when you are done painting your house that would be the end of it. I mean it will be forever, you don’t have to change it. Oh well, this is before when I don’t have my own house yet, so much with being so independent. On the other hand, once in a while, we need to change the paint’s color of our house, bedrooms, cabinets. So if you noticed that the paint’s color is already fading or it got a lot of stains or it is already unattractive.  I am telling you, it needs refreshing. If you are being careful, a DIY will do the trick, so that means to say you don’t have to spend more. You how inflation affects everything right, so if you can save grab the chance. Nonetheless, with DIY, you can get the chance to have the cabinets professionally spray-painted.

Now this is how you do it

If you want to get the high-quality result, you may need to prepare to work it. And that involves the following:

  • Clean the surface with Trisodium Phosphate. Trisodium Phosphate helps to remove that greasy that has been accumulated through the years. And this would vaguely incise the surface for the new paint to stick to.
  • Acrylic Latex Primer is perfect for anything. But it is highly suggested to apply a shellac-based sealer first for prevention for the problem area, stained spots from bleeding through the topcoats.
  • Lightly sand the surface after the primer dries

After you prepared the surface, you may have to decide for a brush to use:

  • Pick a high-quality brush, not a roller because roller leaves stipple marks. Foam applicator can also be an option. A high-quality brush may cost too much but if you compare the cost of hiring someone to do it, you can still save some buck for an expensive brush. Most often than not, a high-quality brush would definitely give you better results now if you clean the brush very carefully after you use it, it will serve you even years.
  • Now since we already decided a brush for the paint. Brush should be appropriate for what kind of paint you are applying to the surface. For the latex, use a nylon-bristle brush and for the alkyd paint use a natural-bristle brush.

Apply the topcoats of paint in this order:

For The Raised Panel Doors

  • The first step is to paint the panel
  • Secondly is the horizontal rails
  • The last should be the vertical tiles.

When you are painting both sides of the door, you will have to use long smooth strokes, because if you cut it short it may leave brush marks.

  • If you think that you can just do the stokes anywhere with the drawer then you absolutely doing it wrong because you need to do the edges first, then along the front faces.
  • Now if you are painting the insides of the cabinets, apply your paint to the back panel, second is the top, then the side and lastly the bottom.

Now the last but not the least, paint the following accordingly:

  • Face frames of the cabinet boxes
  • You may have to start with the verticals
  • The finishing will be with the horizontals

For a solid finish, you may need at least two top coats.

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Transform Your Home for the Holidays in Three Easy Steps

Decorating for the holidays does not have to be a chore. In fact, it should be fun. The biggest mistake homeowners make during this special time of year is to think they must drape every inch of their house in Christmas finery. By focusing on only three areas within your house, your interior will look like it has been fully decorated by a professional.

The Tree

Decorating the tree used to mean hours of assembly followed by more hours spent on stringing the lights through it. By the time you got around to hanging ornaments, the fun was gone. Consider one of today’s modern trees. They are pre-lit, and they often have only two or three sections to put together. You can even find ones with enough berries and pinecones already attached that ornaments are not necessary.

The Dining Room Table

If you are like most people, you will have a steady flow of guests gathering around the dining room table throughout the holiday season. Dress your table with a red, green, or gold runner. Place a Christmas centerpiece on top, and finish the look off with holiday chargers, napkins, and glasses at each seat. Battery powered lights can be added to the centerpiece for some extra sparkle.

The Fireplace

As adults we admire an elegant fireplace during the holidays while children focus on this area as Santa’s big entrance. When decorating for children, hang coordinating stockings for each family member. Place a candy garland across the mantel, and hang a portrait of the big guy himself above. For a more grown-up look, use a pine garland and hang a matching wreath. Consider a decorative fire screen in place of stockings.

Once you have decorated the fireplace, your tree, and the dining room table, the entire house will look amazing. By having these three simple focal points ready for Christmas, your guests will think you have done a wonderful job decking the halls.

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How To Make Your Flower Garden Happen

It would be a beautiful morning if we see our flowers bloom in our yard. What I have is not that many as I only started. If you are a newbie like me, I am sure you will be amazed how this little creature bloom one morning, I just can’t believe it.  

On the other hand, it may seem so easy to plant a flower, maybe for some others who have a green thumb they will find planting so easy. But for someone like me, you may find this very useful.  

Do not just get any soil, make sure you have the best soil to start your flower garden. Remember planting either seeds or flowers, if you don’t have the best this would make everything right or break because it didn’t work. Of course, we don’t want that to happen, I mean who would like that to happen? After the hardship and sweating and then you will not be going to get anything? Thus, if you want to get the best result for your garden, make sure you have the best soil for you to start. This will make the foundation stronger, just like if you are constructing your house, you wanna make sure that the foundation will last long otherwise you are just wasting your money.  

Check what’s the exact size of the potting for your flowers. If these flowers won’t grow tall then go for a medium size but if they would, then choose the larger size. Nevertheless, you have to make a plan, you have to know the flower that you are planting, the size and the light preferences so you would know how to take good care of them. When you are set for the kinds of flower you will be planting, now find the best location.  

Location is very important because there are flowers that needs more sunlight than the others, there are also flowers that needs to be in the shade otherwise they would last longer. Even though most of them can grow anywhere, it still best to check the light preferences of your flowers, putting them in a shady area or exposing them with too much sunlight won’t do good at all. Picked the best plot! 

If you would like to plant different flowers, choose those flowers that gets similar light or shade requirements so they can grow even on the same plot.  

As I mentioned earlier, you need to plan, check what you really want to plant. You may want to go to a local gardening stores or experts to inquire of what’s the best for you as a beginner. Seeds, small plants, bulbs are almost the same process. So, concentrate of the kinds of flowers that you feel like it and enjoy. Yes, they may look good in the yard but they may not be able to make it if you are not enjoying taking good care of them. They said, planting is the best stress-reliever and choosing the best flowers for you, would offer you even more. So, start planting! 



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