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Friends in Digital Interface

Our picture taken last July 07, 2008

I’ve work for a lot of companies before. and every company I worked for, I always get friends, thats why It always made my heart cry when I resigned. One of the closest friends I have is my office mates in Digital Interface, They’ve witnessed my endeavor in finding one true love before, I always got a support from them every time I have prospect and when I failed, they’re still there willing to listen to all my defeats, I never forgot this gang for they are always in my heart wherever I go. In our group, I was the most talkative lol, I got a lot of stories to tell, and jokes to cracked, they said they will never get bored in my company for I always make sure they had fun, when they had a problem, I never hesitate to help, to give my piece of advise in which they listened and followed too. Last July 07, 2008, when I went to my insurance, I dropped by in Digital Interface to see them, It’s sad to see that some of my officemates were not there anymore, I only seen mimie, erlinda, ehlyn and sheryl, ( on the girl’s side) well everything is radical, some will have to say goodbye, to step out for their future. Below were our pictures before when I was still working there:

The Originals


Mimie, Erlinda and me

The Accounting Staff

Me and Sheryl

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Mj will have an exam tomorrow, so I’m busy again helping her to review some subject that will be scheduled tomorrow for exam. busy too for attaining faith, whew!!! have a hectic schedule at home too. hope faith will sleep early tonight lol. So I have to park here now…. sayonara!

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