Finding One True Love

Love Is...

Each one of us has different love story. Happiness is forever if you found someone whose real and genuine., don’t let it go… Finding one is not easy though however if you believe in love surely it will come your way. Get out from your shell, share and inspire people by clicking this: Love Story Blog Contest, or just simply click the logo above.

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2 Responses to “Finding One True Love”

  1. genny says:

    Thanks Anne for your entry to tell you the truth i cried when i read your story because i felt what you feel. Me and hubby have trouble before we see each other and almost broke our relationship. I am touch of your story. So much for my drama thanks for the post here too…Already posted and you can read it there…

  2. anne bianca says:

    hehehe thank u gurl, it my privilege to share my story in ure blogspot.. take care.

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