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My tweetie bird

Last 2 nights, faith just want to ramble with tweetie bird and don’t like to sleep and yet it was already 10:30 pm . I was really, really sleepy but I just can’t lie down for faith was squirming and rolling over yet in the crib… for me to fight my being sleepy, I took my phone and took her a shot with tweetie bird hehehe. my honor and privilege for you to vote my little faith emily-anne

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with my calculator

As today’s economy, we budget our money so tight, needed to be wise to spent so tomorrow we still have food to eat and still can pay our bills, for if we mistakenly spent our money to other things we don’t need, tomorrow we will be starving… Everytime I went to shop for grocery items. I always have calculator in my other hand so to compute the things I put in my carts… for me to know if those things will be enough for my money in my wallet. I always buy first the meats, fish, eggs then after will go to soaps, milk etc. etc. but now since I have our little baby, will go first her milk, diapers and her food…

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