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The Voting Starts….

Love Is...

Hi friends, the voting starts today for the Love Story Blog Contest until August 2 just vote which story you would like mine is Finding One True Love, To read my story: Just click here hope you will notice. anyway you can vote the poll located at the side bar. Thank you!

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Faith’s new dress!

After confirmation, me and mariel went out to claim honey’s xoom lol I thought he sent only little for I have no bills to pay today. I will just have settle a little amount in my checking acct. on monday… so since he sent me some extra I’ve decided to buy faith’s new dress to be wear on the day of her baptismal soon. This dress attracts me a lot so I bought it without hesitation for the sales girl said, it can be wear during baptismal. however when I went home sister said it should be white, its one of the requirement for christening grrrrrrr. so I’m thinking to verify it first in the parish office hope they would let us or else I have to buy that long white suit for baptismal and this one will be put inside during the ceremony.

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Confirmation day!

Naaahh my niece woke me up so early for today was her confirmation day! grrrr I thought it was yet next week. So just notify Terry that I could not stay for long time so I can attend her confirmation day… I am her ninang kaya I have to run fast though everything went well anyway…

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