The Voting Starts….

Love Is...

Hi friends, the voting starts today for the Love Story Blog Contest until August 2 just vote which story you would like mine is Finding One True Love, To read my story: Just click here hope you will notice. anyway you can vote the poll located at the side bar. Thank you!

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3 Responses to “The Voting Starts….”

  1. genny says:

    Kana gyd pangumpanya amiga ako ganahan ko sa imo story botar ko ugma nakabotar nako ron so ugma nako vote…Cute sa imo baby oy…Happy weekend and take care…

  2. anne bianca says:

    hi pretty mommy, thank u so so so much…. already posted this too in my multiply so my contacts can vote too

  3. Foreign_marriages says:

    yes…of course cge add pud ko ha nindot ayo imu payag diri bah cge jud ka sulat post hehehhee ako panagsa lang oi…

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