I supposed to go out today for canvassing a venue for faith’s baptismal, however when I tried to contact my friend cheryl she’s out at home and I cannot find her, her brother said shes out to be online in the net, when I checked her in ym, shes not there grrrrr… so I decided not to go out instead… I’ll do it in the 30th hope we can make a date for that. Cheryl was the one who prepared our small thank you party in garden oases, the first time danny went here. we held it in garden oases hotel we had 25 visitors at that time, celebrating with us… Cheryl was our hostess at that time, shes also the photograper, singer and the organizer, she was rolled into one. ( oopps… FYI she sang like alicia keys hehehehe) so the reason why in occasion like this I always contacted cheryl to advise and suggest what to do…

our thank you party at garden oases Last May 26, 2007

With cheryl this time

Once upon a time a dark girl and a light boy met. when they saw each other their desitny was set. on a Sat night in the City of Davao. we came together to explain our vow. a party was held to say thanks to our friends and to show our happiness so much it depends, we sang and laughed and even shed a tear, while kuya james and his friends drank all the beer, we had good food and a very good mood

MJ blessed the food to set our mood, we are a happy three, we could live in a tree, but I have my Mary Anne and her MJ. the party affirmed our hopes and desires.. while Cheryl made kulit and the friends saw our passions fire…


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