Thanks to annelie!

I’m always tracking my visitors here in BlogSpot, I know I don’t have that much visitors day by day… well its ok though… but to my friend Annelie whose always reading all my kadramahan in life thank u so much for always visiting sa akong gamayng payag gurl… She really spares her time to at least read my ka jologan here hehehe… thank you, thank you thank you gurl… We were friends since Gcom time. We always went to shrine before and offered prayers to all the patrons there. At that time she was making novena for her visa, and yes, it was granted… I missed you gurl, I missed our breakfast near baraks lol… I missed your stories in the call floor; In fact I missed our place there at the back as we always being caught us being loud by Ms. May… Haaaay life now your too far away, cannot even call you or text you whenever I want but I’d like you to know girl your always here in my heart as one of my closest friend winks, winks.

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  1. Foreign_marriages says:

    hi thanks for adding me..i add already in my paged check July-2008 bloggers.I like the new background.

  2. anne bianca says:

    thank you gurl, I always visited ure site though since I added u in my list hehehe

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