I don’t like this day! aside from I have to rushed everything, when I fetched mj from school today, I found out from her classmate that she brought her nintendo and the teacher confiscated it. That nintendo was given as a gift last christmas from her dad, Last night she whispered something to my sister that she should not tell me, I heard it thats why I know, it was about her nintendo. I reprimanded her though not to ever bring it to school for she might lost it or either way she or her classmate might drop it, however she was so stubborn she did not listen. I went immediately to her teacher asking of her nintendo, her teacher said she won’t gonna give it unless it is me who will going to ask for it. grrrr. I was really mad, right there and then when we went home, I scolded her, spank her 3 times, commanding her to go to bed. she cried though. I asked if she will do it again. she promised she won’t gonna bring it to school even her dora book. I went out immediately for me to cool off and rushed to buy faith’s food, milk and diaper. Its raining still. and I did not care to use my umbrella. the result? I got a bad headache. so I have to say bye for this time yet! happy evening!

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