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It was such a long day!

Finally cheryl spare me of her time to accompany me to canvass a venue for faith’s christening, the whole afternoon was not enough though coz when we went to the other 2 restaurants, the office were already closed. so we decided to get the crown regency its either in the restaurant in where a videoke is available or in the function hall, it was supposedly P22,000 however the in charge we inquire gave us a discount at least P18,000 per 50 pax. The venue is nice though, at least our visitors will be feeling comfortable with the place and the food. though if we used the pool we have to pay 50 or 100 pesos per person. I hope the in charge can ask her boss for the 50 pesos per head for the pool. I’m still confused with the date though its either 2 days after terry will arrive or one day before he depart. I have to also talk to him about the price and his decision for the date. haaay It was just a long day! till here folks! have a nice night! 🙂

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3 Signs That Your Man is Cheating

How do you know if you are dating a cheater? You don’t need to be a private eye to suss out these warning signs:

1. Revived Interest in Appearance: If your partner suddenly undergoes a makeover of sorts, in which he spends much more time on his appearance, it could mean that he is trying to impress someone new. If he all of the sudden ditches his old khakis and sweats for something more stylish, it might be because he is trying to look his best for a new woman.

2. Missing in Action: If there are large periods in which your partner is absent and unaccounted for, it could be because there are mischievous motives behind his AWOL behavior. Whether it is a run to the corner store that takes over an hour, or whether he is constantly “working late,” a missing husband could mean something sinister.

3. Mysterious Texts or Phone Calls: If you notice mysterious texts or phone calls on your phone bill, or if your husband tries to hide the phone bill or his cell phone from you, it might mean that there is a new love interest in the rafters. Additionally, if he spends more time on the computer, or tries to hide the screen he was looking at when you walk in the room, this is a good indicator that he might be philandering via the worldwide web.

Of course, the best way to discover what your partner is up to behind your back is to communicate openly and honestly with him. Share your fears regarding his fidelity and try to discuss the matter before you go crazy with worry. Remember, things are not always as they seem!

taken in yahoo! health… If this is true at least I have now an idea uhmmm though so far even were miles apart, my instinct still in tact terry is not cheating on me.

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Secret Names

After preparing mj to school and taking good care of faith, finally I am free to chat with terry, as we chatted he discovered a website in which you can reveal your secret name, In Elvish Faith is Alatariel Telrúnya, for mj it is Maranwë Oronar, for me, I am Inwë Oronar, and terry is Orophin Telrúnya. interesting isn’t it? now how about this? in hobbit.. my name is Melilot Gamgee-Took of Bywater, mj is Lily Gamgee-Took of Bywater, faith is Iris Gamgee-Took of Bywater and terry is Sancho Gamgee-Took of Bywater. you want to try? come on in and reveal your secret name just like what we did hehehe…

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To my friend gee!

I received a message from gee just when I open my yahoo messenger said she is done making her blogspot. I was touched by her words about me. thank you girl… such a nice one to start my day, receiving a very sweet thought from someone whose a friend in every way, I remember what you said when I gave birth to faith in the hospital. I was crying at that time coz I have to leave her for the pedia advised. you utter the word “kaya mo yan… just don’t think of the days, soon you will have her. just be strong.” it remained in my thoughts though for those words just gave me enough will that I can… You maybe thought you haven’t done anything to keep me going. You did girl! because You believe in me I can… anyway to all my friends here in blogspot. please welcome her in the world of blogging, if you would like to add her just click here and you will be directed to her site. Thank you!

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