To my friend gee!

I received a message from gee just when I open my yahoo messenger said she is done making her blogspot. I was touched by her words about me. thank you girl… such a nice one to start my day, receiving a very sweet thought from someone whose a friend in every way, I remember what you said when I gave birth to faith in the hospital. I was crying at that time coz I have to leave her for the pedia advised. you utter the word “kaya mo yan… just don’t think of the days, soon you will have her. just be strong.” it remained in my thoughts though for those words just gave me enough will that I can… You maybe thought you haven’t done anything to keep me going. You did girl! because You believe in me I can… anyway to all my friends here in blogspot. please welcome her in the world of blogging, if you would like to add her just click here and you will be directed to her site. Thank you!

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