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My sad afternoon

My sister merlyn went to travel for their small corporation is having a satellite today, together with her previous co worker. I asked our neighbor Manang Josie to look after faith as I will go to fetch up MJ. When I’m about to leave faith suddenly woke up, so I hand her to Manang Josie said I’ll be in a hurry to fetch my eldest daughter. Faith suddenly felt new to Manang Josie, she started to cry while looking at her. I was already outside when I heard her loud cry. Her cries crushed my heart into pieces as I continued to walk.When I arrived at Mj school, I immediately looked for her, I already found her school bag near the security post however she wasn’t there, so I have to go inside yet. There she was, standing looking for playmates. I approached her and said let’s go…

At home, I found faith sobbing… Manang Josie put her already in the hammock for she said faith didn’t stop crying since I went out. Faith looked at me then she cried so loud, seems like she was saying naaaaaaahhh ma, why did you leave me???? I carried her and let her head lean on my shoulder. still she didn’t calmed. How I wish she understand when I said “It’s ok faith I’m here I never leave you, I just left for I have to fetch ate mj or else she will be alone in the school… you won’t like to have ate mj left in the school right? I know you love ate mj baby faith”.

After a while she went to sleep, I went to the kitchen to check mj’s lunch box. I found it still full of rice! She didn’t eat her lunch! grrrrrrrrrrrr. she is already so thin. I called her with an anger voice, she went near and said she ran out of time the reason why she wasn’t able to eat properly. I commanded her to eat at 4 pm grrr… and as a punishment I said no going out instead sleep after eating.. good thing she followed, sometimes its really hard for me to take good care of the two at the same time, I love them both though and I want to give my time equally to them.

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Happy Friendship Day!

On August 3 is the Day of Friendship, so let me have this chance to greet to you all.. Happy Friendship Day everyone, even we don’t see each other yet. I hope this friendship we have will continue until end. and the rainbow of friendship will last…

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When we had our little “laag” yesterday as well as looking for the venue, we still have the “click” as we go walking. I still remember on the very first day of our training in Gcom. I noticed her so talkative, she kept on talking then laughing with her colleague, were not close when we started on training. She’s not one of my circle of friends as well as me to her circle of friends, shes a bit loud, she mingled almost all of us, while me sitting in the corner, observing around… I know that I am talkative, I know how to make friends even in the most odd places. however this girl really caught my attention for she kept my mouth zip when she’s around. lol… One time as we had another session, the trainer felt so bored teaching us, that was the lousy night though. everyone was yawning, this girl suddenly raised her hand and said “Ice Breaker Miss” the trainer asked “what would that be?” and her friend sitting beside her said “let her sing” The trainer gave her a nod smile so she stand and sang “If I ain’t got you” by alicia keys. Everyone was stunned, She got voice I even said… As the days go by slowly some of us got failed in the training, including her friend. I can see her sad though. well, she got the spotlight so it will be easy for her to find a friend.

The training end, we got the certificate to start receiving calls in the call floor. I was scared though to take the first call, gosh its like I was fried alive! Until the ticking of the clock says 4 am. Its time to go home, but how can I get home as early as this? the street was dark and its only me who will be walking alone. When I got my things in my locker, I spotted her near my locker too, she glanced at me said “te, uli na ka, dungan ta” so I reply “Ok” at least I will not be alone in the street. If there will be some bad people along the way.. I have her to run with me lol. well at the first day we talked casual, we are already friends though as the training end for we were one of those who almost got failed and was admitted again. thank god!

As the days goes by, every breaks and log out we are always already together, from the office post until at the jeepney stop, we can’t stop laughing. it was like just a small clown gesture, that willy surely made us laugh! As I said we have the “click” I can tell any thing to her, girl talk, boy talk, serious talk, problem talk.. anything… I am just so lucky I have a friend like her, without her I maybe not gonna make it for so long in Gcom.

Until now our friendship still blooms, she even the one who set up our thank you party before, was there when I was admitted in the hospital last december, still there when I was on due for giving birth.

And now, as we had our little “laag” Our laugh, well.. specially my laugh can be heard even 2 blocks away as we kidding each other.

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Long serious talk…

After the long conversation this morning, at last we came up to a decision of the venue, we choose 24th thats sunday of course, and we will be staying there from 23rd to 25th. We choose the Crown Regency as the reception. by next week I’ll be busy with getting a cedula for the permit of our parish parish priest, We will go either Sta. Ana Church or Redemptorist Church. When Terry arrived we will going to have interview and seminar’s for the ninang. I already have the list though so we will just need to make an invitation cards for those who are invited. I hope no gate crasher hehehe or else we will be dead. Cheryl suggested to put something in the invitation card so to control the visitors. I hope there will be no hassle too for the date of the baptismal will fall to Kadayawan Festival, so there will be parades and programs be held in downtown area, and it will caused traffic too. I pray things will go smoothly.

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