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The Dancing Sales Force

Every 6 pm at the Nccc Mall after the Angelus Prayer. The operator of the store will then play that danceable music that I don’t know yet of the title. anyway… the sales force will go to their respective position then do the motion. They have their simple steps but when you watched them you would also like to dance to their beat. Its nice though, we had fun yesterday taking their pics while them dancing, good thing the guard did not caught us, for it is in their policy. No Picture Taking Allowed inside of the store. after their so called intermission they would go back to their assigned places in where they will work.

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We finally confirmed the venue of faith’s baptismal, the in charge hand me the contract so we will be reserved for the executive room to where we will stay for 3 days and as well as the function hall on 24th.

Function Room Inclusions/Amenities:

* Free use of 50’s cafe from 12:00 nn to 4:00 pm, in excess Php 1,000.00 net/hour/ballroom
* Provision of sound system with microphones
* Provision of Widescreen
* Provision of long tables and chairs
* Provision of registration table with chairs
* Free use of Video karaoke
* 1 Guestbook
* Floral Arrangement for Guest Tables
* Complimentary Backdrop
* Lobby Signages

Plus! we get the use of pool for P50.00 per kid. I hope no adult would like to swim hahahaha..

If you happen to visit here in davao, you can check their site here: Crown Regency is a place where u can be comfortable in a minimal cost. They have freebies and discounts if you avail their membership card. You’ll find exactly what you want if you stay at Crown Regency Davao Hotel.

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Editor in chief

I would have never thought that my niece would be elected as the chief editor of her school’s filipino newspaper. She was asking me what to do and how to make one journal. Lol I never was even a member of a school newspaper before, I was just a loyal plain student hehehe.

I belong to general section in public school, second to the special section? I don’t know for theres no second or third or anything like that in our school, In general section, you can find the average student and the not so average lol, we were not exposed to any activity such as that, we were limited. The special section were the competent in academics and our extracurricular activities.

Ooopss… I think I’m out of topic.. anyway, I am just so proud of this girl, even sometimes she is so stubborn and lazy. She is trying to make her studies fair.. Two thumbs up!


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My baby eating cerelac

This last few days I bought faith a cerelac with flavor rice and milk, she likes it though, second to the apple sauce of gerber… Cerelac is cheaper than gerber, of one box she can consume it in 3 to 4 days unlike with the gerber that for one container is only one day for her though. So better to get more cerelac than gerber. I might also be offering her carrots and potato soon, will blend it so she wont choke. For the last time we offered her that, she choked seriously that made us little panic. lol below was her video when we feed her cerelac…

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