Playing With Little Faith

When I woke up this morning, mj informed me that her head is aching so I let her have a break from school, told her to continue to sleep… faith was also awake right after she finished her milk.. I played with her for a moment while mj continued to sleep….After a while, she’s feeling sleepy already, so I put her back to the crib and said I can chat with honey without her squirming at my lap, however just like after 15 mins, the kids started to get noisy this is the time when mj was awake and already took her breakfast. She’s giggling with yanyan at the other room, that causes faith to be awake.. grrrr… I even didn’t finished cleaning the bottle of faith. so for punishment I requested mj to fixed the bed in our bedroom and look after faith since faith was just playing in her crib.

Now, at least I have a little time for chatting with honey and at the same time blogging oopss cleaning the feeding bottle too… haaaaaayy multitasking hehehe.

By the way, good morning everyone and happy blogging…

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