Chicken Soup For The Soul

When I was waiting for my friend cheryl in the mall last thursday, I went to the book shop to look around, I saw this Chicken Soup for the Soul thats only P300.00, its lesser than the other bookshop I went to, much lesser actually… coz it was P700 pesos for the other store.Chicken Soup for the Soul, is an inspiring book contents with different life stories from ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Chicken Soup would cure anything as what the grandmother of the author told him so. thus the name of the book was born. The aim of this book is to heal as the soup though not the body but the soul.

I have once read a remarkable story before from the book, and until now I kept on remembering it… It touches my tupsy turvy life before and as I remember it now, it always gave me smile.

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  1. Vhiel says:

    hey missy im glad nakita mo..kala ko eh nasend ko sa iba.. hehehe… it’s just a simple badge that I made.. i hope you like it. 🙂

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