Government Employees…

Government employees sometimes sucks.. In the City Hall as I already took my line in one of the window there, to get me a community tax certificate for faith’s baptismal. I have to submit it to our parish priest so I can get a permission for us to held the baptismal in another church. However the guy there said. I have to go to another window for he ran out of receipts to be issued on us. I followed politely though but in my thought why not order another book of receipts to the nearest window or from her co employees so at least the people whose already falling in line there will not go again to another window. We don’t have any choice though, we have to follow them even each of the window were already bombarded with people.So, I fall in line again with the window 12. when its my turn already to submit my requirements. The woman said she don’t have receipts for my cedula (community tax certificate). and she abruptly called the person next to me.. grrrr… she don’t even advise me to go to another window or a simple word to the employee in the other window to accommodate me first at least, as I already taken my line there. A simple word like “hey, can you attend her to give her a certificate?”

When I complained she just said “go back to the window you went to a while ago, they will be the one to give you a certificate. I wanted to shout! God! the certificate worth only P20.00 for one piece of that certificate and yet they pass you to the other and to other counter. grrrr

I went back to the guy I went to a while ago, still he said he ran out of certificate, he advised me to go to other window not the window 12. So as I need to get that piece of paper, I went to counter 14, good thing a good citizen informed me that the said guy just got the booklet of the certificates, and that I can already go back there… I just said to myself “nice” with the sarcastic tone.

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