My Sidekick

When me and mariel went out last saturday, MJ would like to join though, however I told her not to. Its mariel’s time to come with me on that day since she was with me the other week.

Yesterday, since she got a headache that morning or might be she was just acting like she had for her not to go to school. I decided her to come with me however I told her not to demand anything to buy…

Mj is a very understanding kid although sometimes shes stubborn, well I think it is normal for a kid like her age though. however if I said “we can’t buy that, I don’t have money yet” she won’t insist. I never seen her rolled over in the floor and cried loud when she can’t get what she wants.

She was also helping me yesterday, like asking some inquiries to the security guard and holding some other thing I brought. She was not a problem though even we have to walk a few meters to get to our destination.

Later in the afternoon, as we were about to go, we dropped by at the church to light a candle. Mj likes to go to church too, in fact, she is always the one inviting all of us to attend mass every sunday. And make tampo if I couldn’t, bad mommy lol.

Mj is a loving sister to her baby sister too. She cares for her and love her so much… She said she is the big ate and she have to protect her little sister all the time.

I am just so proud of this girl, even though sometimes we argued and fight however to us she is always a darling.


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  1. genny says:

    Oh nice week…Anne got you a tag hope you will get it…Thanks…
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  2. jHeLea says:

    she’s worthy of your pride sis…your big girl is a blessing…

  3. anne bianca says:

    thanks jhelea hehehe

  4. Bestfriend's Blog says:

    Hi anne i have a tag for you in my other blogs.

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