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Thanks to Genny…

“Friendship without self interest is one of the rare and beautiful things in life.”

Yesterday a very kindest heart friend momgen sent me a number of logo’s I could use. I was so delighted that I already got number of friends here too.. I thought I could never make it here only in my other site. However it prove me wrong a friend like vhiel and mom gen are very rare at this time. They’re there even you did not ask.

So as you can see I got my other logo in my side bar with a code, momgen used her creative mind to make that one. I was so flattered that theres a good soul out there that even though I have never met, still she used her valuable time to make a logo for me. To momgen thank you so much.

I have chosen that logo from the ones mom gen sent for it matched my ideal of the perfect little home.

Mom gen, I really like it! Thank you so much!

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