Church and Application

I am so tired today, I’d been out since morning, been walking around in downtown to look for the church near the reception. The church I would like to get was so strict, when I told the lady in charge that were not one of their parishioner however I already got the parish permit to be submitted to them still they did not accepted it, not unless me and terry were already married.Depressing isn’t it? It reminded me of our applications that still in the USCIS now, It was delayed for how many month’s already. The applicants who applied behind us is already interviewed some are already there, me and terry still trying to figure out what’s going on to our application. The in charge always told him that its still in progress, how can it be in progress while we didn’t get anything yet.

And yes, we’re not married yet. We supposedly got married already the first time he was here. It was then planned however when his flight was always delayed, I decided not to pursue it and applied for the fiancee visa instead, for they said it was faster than the spousal visa.

When he went back to maryland. He then applied us a fiancee visa however I asked him to put the application on hold, for I wanted to give birth here in the philippines.

Now we’re stuck… I hope terry is already here so we can be interviewed in the other church. The second option is The Sta. Ana Church. They are not that strict as the Redemptorist Church. Still since we are not married yet we have to be interviewed by the parish priest and will get the approval from him. It will be depend on the priest its either we can have the schedule on 24th or not. sigh 🙁

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  1. Filipino-Life-Abroad says:

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  2. anne bianca says:

    maraming salamat for playing gurl

  3. leizlmarie says:

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    Hi Anne

    Thanks Just visiting you here…see you around …

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