A Butterfly in the Morning

I woke up with faith’s squirming and mj tapping of hand on my shoulder, trying to tell me of the cute butterfly flying around the bedroom. I gave faith a milk so she can go back to sleep, since it is already 6 am, I told mj to go to take a bath.

This butterfly was inside of the house since last night. When my sister went inside of the bedroom to change faith’s clothes, the butterfly followed them inside…

I thought the butterfly went outside already however its there inside until morning, seems like watching us while we were sleeping.

The color of the butterfly is somewhat brown and white. The old folks said if a butterfly will be going inside of your house. Someone whom you haven’t seen for quiet a while will come to see you, its either a relative, love one, or a friend. Well honey will be coming here, so maybe thats what the butterfly wanted to tell us… hehehe

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