Account Closed????

I was wondering this past few days when I deposited some funds in my checking account. The Pag ibig where I get my housing loan did not enter my checks since last June. So after I deposit my money to my checking acct. since they still did not enter my checks, I went directly to Pag ibig to verify.From there, I have found out that my check last June was returned and was marked “Account Closed” waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I immediately called my bank from Pag Ibig to bugged them grrrrr..

The Pag Ibig returned all my checks and require me to go back to my bank. So I went back, I can’t almost control my emotion for I really wanted to yell at them, good thing I remained calm.

Now they apologetically explained what happen. The check should be marked closed was a different client not mine. My ledger is clear, I have a very good fund. Now for me to be clear they will have to write a letter to Home Development Mutual Fund to explain that it was their fault and that they erroneously posted a different account.

Well everything can happen with doing manual, yes, they’re not computerized yet however they promised they will be on the next month, for the Development Bank of the Philippines took over the said bank… They are trying very hard to sort out the files so by next month, all documents will be encoded in the computer..

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