Apo View Hotel

By next week will be our second stay in Apo View Hotel of course when Terry arrived. I missed him so much that I’m always looking forward on that day. I will be the only one to fetch him at the airport and will fetch mj and faith after we checked in the hotel. I know the kids are excited of him coming specially ate mj. Faith might feel anew to him at first but I know she will be ok on the following day, of course he is her father and I know faith loves him so much.
We were a member of the Diamond Club in Apo View Hotel since last year, now we will be grabbing it again to have a complimentary nights stay, discounts on published room rates, dining benefits and many other special concessions.

Apo view is located exactly in the heart of the city, So you don’t have to commute that far. In fact South Gaisano mall is just nearby, you can just go, walk and shop there anytime you want. The said hotel is not expensive too and yet it is heavenly comfy to stay.

If you want to have more discounts with apo view hotel, be a Diamond Club Member! and experience the luxurious stay with more benefits. I am the living example of their promotions hehehe. heres the site: Diamond Club. or you can call them at +6382222-8141 and look for christine. You can also message me here.

FYI: Christine is my friend, actually “kababata” sssshhh… lol

Below were our pictures taken the second time honey came to visit:

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