The Grandmother

Last night, when I was waiting for my brother in law to finished the lay out of faith’s invitation card. I was also watching “Maalala mo kaya”.

The episode was very sentimental though, Its about a grandmother who was left by her children, leaving her with 5 grandkids, with no one to depend on even shes very old to take care of her 5 grandchildren, she strive hard to at least feed them 3x a day, however even she have done everything, it wasn’t still enough.

To feed them she have to go to garbage to look for plastics for her to sell, sometimes while shes saving it yet, for her to deliver those at the junk shop on the next three days, she will go to pier to get a damaged banana so at least they will have something to eat on that day. Those were not enough for her and her five grandchildren. That sometimes she and the kids will just drink water so to fill in their empty stomach. She wanted to at least send her “apo’s” to the school but they cannot even afford to buy one notebook. However it didn’t stop her to at least enrolled one of her “apo’s” to the school.

While I was watching that, I cannot help to cry, I can’t even imagine that her kids left her with little kids, who doesn’t even know how to survive in this chaotic world.

At church today, My first prayer was for them… that the old woman can still prolong her life for her grandkids, that they can still survive, that they can find a way for them to live.

I hope you pray for them too.

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  1. genny says:

    Hi Anne musta naa ko tag nimo pls get it…

  2. jHeLea says:

    I too was crying while watching that episode sis…Again I feel so blessed…I have a lot of problems but ended up realizing that there are those whose problems are heavier than me….so, i should not complain but be happy instead….

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