My Morning Is All About Her

I promised terry to be online early this morning, so at least at 6 am I will be concentrating on preparing MJ to school. However it turn out differently. Faith woke up first before me, When I open my eyes, shes there already smiling, turning over, squirming at her crib… I played with her though, making peek a boo, then at 6 am I saw her eyes drooping already so I let her fall asleep, since its already 6 am I was grabbing mj to take a bath, and woke up mariel too.I opened my computer, since it will open slowly, I just took my bath instead of waiting. When I’m finished sister was already using the computer, editing the id’s that she have to deliver today. So I dressed up yet and helped mj to wear her school uniform too.

As I came near to sister, she was a bit having a hard time editing. So as I thought it is much better to help her than waiting for her to finished, I told mj to eat and make it fast. I told honey to wait for a while… I ran out of time so I have to take mj to school yet hoping faith will wake up later.

After mj finished her breakfast I went to our bedroom to get something, only to find out faith already woke up too. I hand her to sister and took mj to school.

When I got home from school, sister hand her back to me, faith was squirming and crying when I was chatting with terry, she seems doesn’t like to be in front of the computer. So I bathe her instead, she knows I was grrr though coz she don’t like to look at me, she turn her head away when I’m looking at her lol…

Sister noticed it too.. later I play with her and said peek a boo… she smiled back at me, thinking maybe “yeheey mama is not mad anymore hehehe”

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  1. adei says:

    how nice sis to have kids guro noh though sometimes makahurot pud pasensya ur so lucky u have 2 little angels…

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