Depressed Or Not To Be Depressed?

My depression started with a news from one of my friend in visa journey, well I was happy for her though, she will going to be with her fiancee soon when the visa arrives, knowing that, I felt frustrated and depressed with our application, to the fact they applied behind us… lucky her, their application went on smoothly. Though Terry said that the lawyer contacted the immigration officer and made an appointment with them on the first week of September.

This morning, as I chatted honey, he broke me a news about his work, he was also frustrated, sad and mad… One of their sponsor died of heart attack. Now his flight has to be delayed, when I heard that my heart seemed squashed and crushed. To my dismay I just said I have to prepare mj for school, and did not get back for a while. I took mj to school, stayed there for like almost an hour, trying to cool off.

When I went back he sent me a details of his flight on 21st so the 24th still be pushed thru for our little kulit’s baptismal, My depression starting to be gone at least the flights schedule will only be postpone less than a week.

Even everything seems to be settled. I still said I have to punished him for hurting me.. hehehe now its all up to him if he will accept the punishment or not lol. If not, I will not mind it anyway, though thats not important at all lol.

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