at 6 months

– I can grabbed things around
– I am easy to pleased
– I am always drooling
– I like to listen to music which mom’s played
– I am always amazed if mom’s reads me a book
– I always rolled over in the bed that I almost fell off once.
– I can put weight in my knees for how many mins
– I like to play in my crib
– I complained if I get bored playing in the crib
– I am becoming camera addict just like ate mj
– I respond to smiles especially if thats from ate mj
– I like to talk like uh ah hmm ne ne na, aje, and ayen uhmm an sometimes
– I am opening my hands when ate mj sang close, open, close, open and 1,2, 3
– I am drinking milk really fast
– My tooth is beginning to show up in front.Our pics together with ate mj and mama last August 8, 2008… yeheyy I am getting bigger.

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  1. melstephens says:

    Melissa drop here from entre card. wow I love you pictures with the baby anni so cute.

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