Its been like how many days that I have tried to figure out the background codes. Kirsti have done a good job though for sending me a message on how and where to put the url of the background I desired. It was still difficult for me though for when I replaced the original url in the template. It change only a small spot in my background…. I’ve spent so many hours and tried everything however I failed! until honey came to the rescue hehehe. When he found out I had a hard time doing the background this afternoon, when he was online. He suggested to send him the the picture to resize it in which I did also the editing in photobucket to show the url of the picture I want as a background.

So as you may see. My background change to the courtesy first of my online friend Kirsti, thank you so much girl for the instruction and for sharing me your knowledge about those codes without you I will never make it… and to my honey, who spent his valuable time to help me having those background to appear in my blogspot.. Having a kulit wife is not easy though however thank you hon for always being there for me… muah muah muah!

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3 Responses to “Background”

  1. genny says:

    am sorry if karn lang ko answer unsaon busy life man ta ron ay imo naman nausab imo background good kaayo…

  2. Kirsti says:

    Ate, I posted on my blog the instruction on how to change the background πŸ™‚ It’s too long to place it here..hehehe

  3. Kirsti says:

    You’re welcome, ‘te πŸ™‚ Anytime basta po alam ko πŸ™‚

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