Thank You Kirsti Campbell!

Last night as Terry and me were done chatting, I got a message from Kirsti Campbell in one of my entry here, that she will post the instruction on how to put the code for the background completely.

Terry resize the picture of the background so to cover up around my blogspot body text, however as I observing it. It was slowly to load.

I read Kirsti’s post in “Changing Background Instruction” and followed the procedure clearly. Hola! when I preview it, the background I desired replace the previous background. HAHAHAHAHA!!! so that was it…. I just need to add repeat; color: $MaintextColor; after the url of my desired background.

So as I was too excited to edit it… I have tried all the background code that’ll looked nice in my page. So far the pink one with a bubble in it looks cool to me. Then after, I helped sister to put the background she likes too in her blogspot.

I made those background correctly, it is because of no other than Kirsti Angeli Campbell your name really fits on you girl, an angel whose so kind to share what she knew. How generous you are! I am so lucky I have a friend like you here in cyberworld…

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