Yes! I will be having gifts from honey when he will arrived next week, there were a lot though and that includes chocolate, chocolate and chocolate hehehe. He bought mariel’s a cellphone too well actually it was for me however since mariel doesn’t have a cellphone. I decided to give that one for her after one or two months of using it… For there were sometimes that I need to text her of something and I can’t for she doesn’t have one.

Faith will also received a gift from Billy and Grace, Billy has sent the package to Terry in Maryland so honey will be going to bring those cute suit for little faith here. Grace already photo shared the pretty dresses to me in ym but duh, I wasn’t able to save it as I was busy some other stuff. I will be posting the pictures when honey arrives.

To Billy and Grace thank you so much for always remembering faith. Grace said Billy was excited when he bought those stuff for faith hehehe…

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2 Responses to “Gifts”

  1. Foreign-Marriages says:

    wow excited me here also hehehehe basta package na ba ang pag-uusapan oi miss ko na ang davao jud sobra hehhee sana maka-uwi ako sana….oki girl see you around…

  2. Gee says:

    Sure Ann…No probs….Kilig na kilig nga Billy while shopping for Faith’s outfit…hehe…

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