Please Help Us Pray

The family are in turmoil now, when we heard about the attacks in kolambugan, our ancestors place, relatives and cousin are still there living.The place were attacked by MILF rebels at 3 am, One of Faith’s cousin were hostage by the rebels, good thing he was freed this afternoon. Imagine? he was hostage for how many hours, he might cried so loud and was being traumatize when his mama was not there to comfort and pacify him. For now, they evacuated in Ozamiz.

My heart really saddened when I heard this news. I’m scared and concerned of the kids whose in the midst of this war between muslims and christians…

Lord, Please do help us, and sheltered us with your hands specially to those who were affected in the attacks. That you protect them when they rained their bullets to the civilians…. That you enlighten the mind of the rebels not to hurt the people who are not included of what they are fighting for. Through Jesus Christ, I pray…

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3 Responses to “Please Help Us Pray”

  1. Gee says:

    we’ll help you pray Anne…I know its difficult for you and to your whole family…it’s really traumatic….

  2. Filipino-Life-Abroad says:

    Thanks anne for sharing, my family is all in Davao city….but im scared for those people…I will pray for peace in that place…thank you anne

  3. simplyjacy says:

    hello Anne!
    i will pray for you and your family. i could not imagine the feeling of having a member of the family being held captive. i hope it will be over soon.

    btw, it’s my first time to hear coke float and fries combination. i love them both but haven’t tried them together.

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