Yes, that is the right word to say, I have to stop lurking around here, I have to freshen up as I did not take a bath yet. My squirmy baby is waiting for me to let her fall asleep for her eyes are droopy again. So I have to take good care of her first before freshen up.

We might not be taking our dinner here tonight for our cousin invited us to have dinner with them as they celebrate bryan’s 4th bday. Enough, enough, enough I have to say bye for now and shut down my computer as the time passes by so quick, another day will be taken over.

To all who just message me in my chat box thank you! Ill be adding you when I get back. I hope you will add my little faith too. Just click her picture in my side bar.

Enough! Computer shutting down……. beep!

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3 Responses to “Enough”

  1. simplyjacy says:

    same here dear. I have clean laundry that needs my attention to iron them. but i decided to just wander around a little bit and i’ll deal with them as soon as i’m done.

    lucky you, you don’t need to cook dinner tonight.

  2. chrissyngraham says:

    hahahahaa…it just shows how addicted you are to blogging Anne! have a break pud panagsa mommy…take care!!!

  3. jHeLea says:

    girl, i’ll add the blog of your little faith sa blog ko…kindly add me up ha

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