Add Her Please!

My eldest daughter have her own page already. It was one of Genny’s creation. Once again thank you girl for spending your time creating her page. I don’t know how to pay you but I’ll try to at least give you some little surprise soon.By the way, The Adventures of MJ’s page is ready to exchange links. I already added my friends here to her page though, I hope you will link back.Mj is a nice little kid however when provoked, she will really fight back… A very good friend to everyone and a brave sister to faith.

One time when the weather was bad , the lightning and the thunderstorm was really loud, MJ is usually scared of those however on that very hour that faith was on her side, as me was busy trying to prevent the water from going inside. She didn’t show any fears instead she hug faith and helped her to fall asleep.

Though stubborn and kulit at times, Our love to mj will never be change or fade.

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  1. genny says:

    flattered gyd ko ani ba salamat pud daan…Ingat lang.

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