I’ll Get Back To You!

To all my friends here who’d been tagging and giving me awards. I’ll get back to you guys until I have my free time. For now I can’t yet track back the tag for I am preoccupied. Well, it’s just that I got many things to do and I can’t do it one time. Since Terry just went back to Mary land, I’m still posting our pics in my Homepage. and I want to post all the pictures we got so to share our happiness and joys being together, can’t wait for the next trip he will have to be beside us again. Or the visa to be processed with delays no more. My God! It was like century. Though we tried so hard to make it work, him specially, calling the USCIS is not easy with an answer ” We are working onto it yet” It really hurts hearing those words “working yet” for we are longing for them to say “The NOA’s are on its way” Soon you will have your fiancee be interview. But those words are just a wish for us yet… Were hoping to be those dreams will come true. I even told him in the cab on the way to the airport to kulit more the lawyer for our visa. He answered, he is always….

Anyway, friends hang on there. I’ll get back to you!
To post the tags here.
To read some of your entries though I already did today with some of you.
To give comments on your posts.
To share some thoughts and lines here.
To exchange links
and to drop in your entrecard

Ciao for now!

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  1. jHeLea says:

    hahaha….ang dami mong na miss girl…for sure you'll be busy blog hopping & leaving comments to your friends….

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