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Will You Use a Nanny Cam?

I just read this article in a magazine, and I thought it will interest you too. But before posting the topic. Have you watched THE NANNY? It was about a woman whom she thought that being a nanny was her call. Even though she graduated in college and was even one of the topnotcher in school. She grabbed the job as a Nanny as she thought it was for her. Without her knowing, when she was hired. The owner put a spy camera inside of the teddy bear to know what she was doing the whole day. At the latter part of the movie, Just when she was fired due to something she didn’t do, she found the camera exactly in the eyes of the teddy bear, to her dismay she faced the teddy bear (where the camera was) and said something about the kid and the mom. I wont narrate here what she said that made the mom realized that her kid is valuable enough to should be prioritized more than anyone else. That her kid needs her very badly.

What if that kind of gadget will be available in the market? Will you buy for it? So to spot your nannies activity with your kid when your not around. Will this product interests you?

Here are some of the answers from the parents about the gadget.

“I would buy a nanny cam. It can be effective if the cameras are placed in strategic areas where the children spend most of their time. It’s important that the camera does not look like “a camera” so that the yaya’s will not be conscious.”

“I would buy a nanny cam. I think it’s a necessary precautionary measure. It can help us keep an eye on our child especially if my husband and I are not around or when we are both working. It can provide evidence if the yaya is physically abusing the child”


I don’t want to buy a nanny cam just to be sure that my kid’s nanny takes good care of him because before I hire a nanny, I make sure that she was recommended by people I trust. Its better to treat the nanny like a member of the family so in return she treats and love our child like her own.

I wont hire a yaya that in my opinion is not capable of taking good care of my child and I don’t think I have the time to watch the nanny cam for most of my hours away from home.

That was their answer and opinion for the nanny cam. How about you? what do you think?

Source: Smart Parenting Magazine

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I Just Grabbed The Book

Have you remember I once posted here the book that I wanted to buy? It was about the Chicken Soup For The Soul. Well I just grabbed one last week with Terry…

As I dragged terry to that bookstore I kept on telling him. I thought he will agree with me to just buy the book for it was really cheap. But then he refused to buy it because it was for preteens so whatever the contents will be. surely, it will not be for me. so even though it was really cheap. He said we should look the one I want and not what they have.

He suggested to look for the book to another bookstore, regardless how much will be the cost of it. Terry didn’t care, I did! lol. It was not an issue for me if it was for preteens as long as I can have one of those. I was after with the stories and the inspirations they can share with a fair price. However Terry held my hand and we went out from that bookstore.

As we kept walking inside of the mall. I spotted an umbrella for mj that I thought it would be better if she will have it specially with this season. As I was talking yet to the sales lady whose offering me also a raincoat. Terry went away then a little while approached me with a book in his hand. It was the Chicken Soup For The Woman’s Soul, perfect for me and guess what? It was only P390.00! with 101 more inspirational and interesting stories, truly it open the hearts and rekindle the spirits of women. You must grab one for yourself, I am sure you will love it!

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