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Check Your Eye Sight Here!

Just a repost from Gen’s Write Ups.

Eyes is the window of our soul. Everything about us can be seen through our eyes, When we are sad, lonely, sorrow, joy and merry.

Our eyes takes a big part in our day to day lives. Without it, we are not complete.

So I may say take more extra careful in your eyes. If you haven’t gone for a check up on your eyes yet. I have a site for you to at least check those eyesight of yours. However to those who have their heart weak. Don’t open the site! This site may not be good for you. Just Click The Link: Eye Sight Check Up.

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In The Need For Peace

A peaceful world is more likely a dream for everyone. No chaos, no war, no disagreements. In every war, a troop of soldier would be sent to that particular place. They maybe your brothers, you fathers, your husbands. You might as well hated the troop of that country trying to defeat the soldiers, your love ones. Heres the story back then during the World War II

When I became a Girl Scout, my mother told me this story about her scout troop and what happened to them a long time ago, during World War II.

On a chilly Saturday morning in December, the eleven year old girls in our troop gathered excitedly at the bus stop, where we met our leader, Mrs. Taylor. We carried larger paper sacks filled with skillets, mixing bowls and assorted groceries. On this long awaited day, the girls of Troop 11 were going to earn our cooking badges.

“Nothing tastes as good as the first meal you cook yourself, especially on an open fire,” Mrs. Taylor smiled.

It would take three bus transfers to get us all way out to the wilderness. As we boarded the first, we clutched our groceries as if they were bags of jewels. Several mothers had generously contributed precious ration stamps so we could buy the ingredients for a real breakfast: pancakes with actual butter, bacon and even some brown sugar for homemade syrup! We scouts would earn our badges in spite of hardships, in spite of the war. In our minds , we were not only learning to cook in the wilderness; we were doing our parts to keep life going apace on the home front.

We finally arrived in Papango Park, a beautiful desert refuge filled with palo verde trees, smoky mesquite bushes and massive red rock formations. As we started hiking up the dirt road into the park, A U.S. Army truck filled with German Prisoners of war passed us, heading into the park.

“There go those Germans!” one of the girls said, contemptously. “I hate them!”
“Why did they have to start the war?” another complained. “My dad’s been gone for so long.”

We all had fathers, brothers or uncles fighting in Europe.

Determinendly, we hiked to our campsite, and soon the bacon was sizzling in the skillets while the pancakes turned golden brown around the edges.

The meal was a success. Mrs. Taylor’s prediction about our gastronomic delight was proved correct.

After the meal, one of the girls started a scouted song as we cleaned up our cooking site. One by one, we all joined in. Our leader started another song, and we continued whole heartedly.

Then, unexpectedly, we heard male voices. A beautiful tune sung in deep, strong tones filled the December air and drifted down to us.

We looked up to see the cavernous natural shell in the red sediment boulders, called “Hole in the Rock,” filled with the German prisoners and their Guards.

As they finished their song, we began another. They reciprocated with another haunting melody. We couldn’t understand a word they were singing, but to our delight, we continued exchanging songs throughout the clear dessert morning,.

Finally one of the girls began to sing “Silent Night,” and we all added our voices to the Christmas carol. A few moments of silence followed, and then… the familiar melody flowed back to us.

“Stile Nacht, Heilige Nacht…”
“How can they know our Christmas Carols? one of the girls asked our leader. They were our country’s enemies!

“We continued to listen in awe. For an odd, unforgettable moment, the men in the cave became somebody’s fathers and brothers, just as they understood us to be beloved daughters and sisters.

In the years that followed, others probably looked at our new badges as proof that we could cook over a fire. But to us, they were reminders of the need for peace, and a very strange transformation that happened one Christmastime.

Source: Children Soup for the Woman’s Soul

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Waiting Status

Last Wednesday, I called my previous employer to verify when can I get my Last Pay. The in charge said, I can get it today which is FRIDAY. I prepared myself and get out in the house as early as I could for I promised sister to get home at noon. To my surprised when the guard handed me the phone the in charge instructed me to get back at 3 pm for my check was not yet signed. Yet, I arrived at the office, 10 am in the morning.

Tsk, tsk, tsk they did not change after all though I am not an agent anymore, It’s still difficult for them to do what they had promised when you say it will be ready on Friday, it should be ready. It is not right to let the person wait when you say she can get it at that time.

Well, I don’t have choice but to wait though I can’t just sit down there for hours, I have to go away, I’ll have to get something to feed my tummy. Since it was already 11 am. So I got up and went to the nearest mall, to make things worst. It was raining hard so sudden! I don’t even brought my umbrella with me, good timing that a”tricycle” came over despite the fact that it is always hard for that area to get one. I’ll just deal with a 10 peso fare going to the mall even it was just near.

At 12:30 pm I went to also pay my self contributions and loan in sss, It was not that crowded as before but I still have to wait for my number to be called, well… not a big deal for me though co’z I have to fill up the forms yet both of my salary loan and contributions. As I finished filling up the forms, they called my number right away.

After I paid my SSS, I went directly to pag ibig, I just waited there for a while with no sweat, I’m done. Thank GOD, at least they don’t let the people there waited for so long. They are not calling numbers so that might made them quicker. What do you think?

I also was able to ask my friend in Digital Interface to let me return the usb hub we purchased last week for it was not functioning so well. It keep on hanging the mouse and my web camera everytime we hooked those to it. Mimi let me change it to other brand eventhough I don’t have receipt to present them at all. I’ll be going back there tomorrow.

From Digital Interface, I got to drop by at Cebu Pacific Air Ticketing Office to just inquire if a baby like Faith’s age have a charge if she will go with me somewhere. There it was again, I have to pick up a number and waited for it until they call. Even I will just going to inquire and not to buy a ticket. When its my turn, the lady just simply told me that I got the wrong place to inquire and she pointed me another office nearby grrrrr… I was like what???? Wahahahaha… Ok, whatever, I turn back immediately and went to that office.

I was contented to know that the babies with zero age don’t have any charges. I will just get a Tax Exempt in the Tourism Office for her.

2:30 pm I went back to my previous employer, though the signing of the checks was already done they still have me waited up to 3:00 pm for that was what we agreed upon. See? they are not even consistent.

Well, anyway at 3 pm I finally got my last pay. I will add it to put up a fence for our house. I have save some so maybe this will be enough.

Even the waiting was a bit odd. I am still glad I accomplished something today.

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Blog Hopping

Visited some sites already, commented some posts and ec dropping too… thats an accomplishments right? Anyway I have to run today for I have to pay my obligations in my insurance that I choose to “self pay” have to get ready for the long lines there, I might be going to bring my book so at least not to get bored of waiting grrr.

But first thing firsts. I have to let faith take her bath and I need also one. Sister have to go out this afternoon so I have to accomplished those errands in the morning so I can get back at noon. I hope I can! Wish me luck!

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