Reminiscing The Pain

I have had chatted my friend in ym a while ago, we did not meet yet in person however I was so flattered that she was able to entrust me of her problems. When I view her cam I was so surprised of how she looks right now, she seems like she is losing her weight. I commented her that though and she said it was all because of her boyfriend.

A woman has an instinct. We know when a man is flirting with other girls. It is confusing specially to men but we just have that.

When she was telling me how hurt she is right now and how will she deal with the pains she is experiencing this time. It reminded me of my past, of how painful it was when you know that your boyfriend had someone else and that you can’t help but cry. You can’t even sleep at night and if you will. You surely be waking up at dawn crying. However, I have to move on even its hard. I have to think all the pains he had given me. Yes! I cried with all my heart but I believe it will be over in time and those hurting will be just stored in my memory. I was not the only one who suffered by this so called love. They were many of them and they have coped it. They did and I will. And so I was right. My prayer was answered Terry came into my life and joined me in my so called “Journey”

The same thought I tried to advise her. I know it is not easy to forget someone whom you had learned to love. But is’nt it much better if you let him go and let him realized the mistakes he have done to you and if he will go back then he truly belongs to you if he will not then maybe GOD has someone else preferred only for you.

But I know it is not easy for her to follow what I told her… For it will never be that easy to just let go the moments you and your boyfriend shared with.

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  1. Foreign-Marriages says:


    yes,its true.Anne

    I hope she can move on…and face the true value of,she will find her destiny too.Like you,like me.Nobody is perfect in this world,we have each own stories to face.Head on.Life must goes on.

    Just buzzzing…

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