I Was So Silly

As far as I could remember it is Faith’s Immunization today, I’d been reminding Terry since Friday so he could wire some money for our baby’s immunization. It was for meningitis so its a bit expensive and since I have had used already my last pay for the materials needed for the fence. I am now out of budget I mean I have quite a few but that’s for our daily expenses.

After I have done my task here in blogging, I took my bath right away to get ready as we still have to wait sister Irenei from school. Faith was ready to go too, she already wore her day out dress given as a gift from our friend Grace and Billy. Faith seemed to know she will go out for she kept on laughing, cackling and snickering. She always love to go out though and she really won’t sleep as if she is really indulging the moment she is there, looking around, smiling at people, enjoying what she have seen outside like trees, street, vehicles. She never get tired of “sight seeing” until her eyes will give up and will just close automatically.

We headed first to Gaisano Mall to get the money wired and have lunch, then after I dropped by in Grocery Market too to buy her infant food. Just a minute by we gone directly to her pediatrician. When we were there I found out that her schedule for vaccination should not be today not just yet. She was schedule on 24th! Waahh I was so silly taking her to her doctor with nothing to be checked up. Well, that explains why Faith was so happy on our way there for she feel she can’t have her injection today.

I was worried though that Honey will think I was just fooling around asking him of the money for Faith LOL. In the contrary he understand that I sometimes forgetting things, well blame it to the anesthesia they injected in me during my delivery of faith hehehe. Though he tells me always that once the money is in my hand I am free to spend it of what things I may like. Inspite of what he always told me I still asked him if I could used some of it if I lack materials for my fence. Of course he said yes!

I know he will answer me that. He is the most understanding man I ever know in my whole life. The reason why I always have to ask him about where will I spend the money or where did I used it because thats my way of showing him my respect. Its also my way of showing him that I am not outlaying it for the things I am not needing. Even though he trusted me very well with those matters. I firmly believe that he still have the right to know what things I just bought or where did I expend it. One more thing we all know that to work long hours is very hard just to support us not to mention that we are a thousand miles away from him.

Despite of my being silly. This taught me to always check out first of my notes, reminders, or itenerary before I will go out so I will not be forgetting of the things I should do or should have not for me to avoid wasting my time like of what just happen today. Silly me!

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2 Responses to “I Was So Silly”

  1. jHeLea says:

    Parehas tayo girl…I always tell Jet kung saan napupunta money niya although he trust me with his finances…..In fact, I do have this notebook monthly ina update q…I would inquire balance paste the receipt sa notebook then below are the expenses…I just want to make him feel na I value his hardships sa work that’s why I’m taking good care of his money…

  2. anne says:

    oo nga kasi its really not easy to look for even a single penny this days… anhirap na ng panahon naun

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