I Got Her Tax Exempt

We will be travelling soon, I already have Faith’s tax exempt. I thought that I have to fall in a long line when we arrived at the office but it amazed me that I was the only one there to get a tax exempt for travel. Don’t get me wrong, I’d been in a different government offices and you have to wait your butt after you can have your transactions done. I felt anew to that agency, no one was there except us well with today’s economy crisis who would probably like to travel? I’d rather go to the malls than to spent my money for plane tickets going abroad unless I’ll go for work. If I just don’t have to see my sister and have some little talks since we were not able to see each other for a long time now I rather not be going there.

For now, We just have to wait for Honey’s decision whether we will have the ticket reserve online or just do it in travel agency here in cash.

One more thing we still have to wait for my sister Lilian to wire her money for sister Irenie’s plane tickets.

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