She Just Need Me To Turn The Aircon On

It has been two nights now that I have had a hard time taking faith back to sleep whenever she woke up every night after my sister Merlyn left for home. I already have sang her ne ne na (her favorite hum) while I am swinging her in my arms but she just half close her eyes then after she will get fussy and cry as if she has been pinched.

Sometimes when I put her to her crib thought that she already fell asleep, she will going to move a little, turning over her head, opening her eyes after and smile with her dimple shows. As if she was saying “uh uh ma, your wrong I did not sleep yet” and every time she does that, theres no way that I can react because she will really do her best to make you smile back at her. So I don’t have any choice but to pick her up, sing ne ne ne na, swing her with all my might that I have to redo all the things I have done to make her feel sleepy. Probably it will take me three or four times to really hear her snore in the crib.

Until I realized that she was not contented with our electric fan running even if it was directly to her. I have tried to turn on the aircon for two nights now and she fall asleep automatically (after three times attempt). Yesterday I thought that the temperature in here was just too hot so I decided to switch it on but tonight was not still she gets fussy. I am saving my expenses for electricity but if faith can’t sleep without the aircon turned on. I rather not to mind the bills as long as she can get a good night sleep, anyway Dad bought the aircon because of her.

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