My Whole Afternoon

Spending it with a long hours of sleep. I don’t usually do that but this time I just can’t help to close and lay down a bit? eh it took me hours in bed. I was just too exhausted following and reading blogs here, ec dropping too. I don’t actually understand this dropping aside from you’ll just click it to those blogs which have it. I don’t care if they dropped me back but thank you so much to those who have clicks on my EC. Though I also understand that you will get more people to view your site because of it and that means it will add ranks for your site. (as if I have ads I can grab from any paid sites).

Now, lets go back to my lazy afternoon. When I woke up at exactly 3:30 pm. A thought crossed over at the back of my mind that I am feeling useless. I got no work and it seems like the days were dragging, it is not that I am not enjoying of faith’s company co’z I really do but to the fact that I am not earning anything myself makes me feel down sometimes.

Me and my friend Clarinda have the same feeling of paranoia. That sometimes you feel like you are alone in this big big world and no one will be there for you because they are too busy working and that they don’t have time for laziness as what exactly I am doing right now.

We were not like this, we used to work for long hours even we just received a penny after 15 days. But to know that you got a job, you got something to do and your accomplishing things at the end of the day. That alone can give you satisfaction of you being useful to your boss or anyone around. A fulfillment through out your day.

But I have choose this being lazy huh? lol of course not! Being a full time mom to my kids and to rest myself while waiting for our visa to process, the medical thing someday and the interview God! we were waiting for like a century now! I hope it will get done the soonest. I am praying hard for it!

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  1. Call Center Gal says:

    That was a relaxing and pleasurable experience for sure.;) This post made me think of posting my foot detox experience hehehe…

    I’m not sure if you received my last attempt to comment here but I want you to know that I already gave you an award. You can check it out here.

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