Partially Done

My project this year for our house is almost done. I have plan this project for one year now to be exact. But the plan was not just pursue because I have to had other things in the house to fixed like the one in the backyard.

I thought that my “last pay” alone can support it at least. Thanks to Honey for he is always there to back me up every time there’s a lack of materials needed for the fence. Today, they just have to finish the left side wall. I hope the materials are already enough this time, I have added two sacks of cements already this morning as they said they’re lacking of it.

Although I am already stretching out my budget both in the house and in the fence. In the end, I know this will be worth while. One of my achievements was this house when I applied this from my insurance. I just dream of this before now I have my name on it even though it is only for installment basis. so I shall say I have to do my best to make it to be more like a Home Sweet Home.

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10 Responses to “Partially Done”

  1. genny says:

    I receive na sa gift salamat kaayo…

  2. anne says:

    hehehe your welcome gurl hope ganahan ka sa akong gift

  3. texas_sweetie says:

    whoaaa ka nice ug house.lami kaayo sud ongon ang kinayuran oi kay nagbunga jud. d man pud diay ordinaryong kural kural ra imong gibuhat mao pud diay daku ug kaon. nice job girl…saludo ako sayo!

  4. jHeLea says:

    congratz girl…dali nalang jud mahuman…i like the design sang fence girl…pag mahuman na please post ng pic…

  5. crazymarieau says:

    hello gurl! ayee! nice na ayo tan awn inyong mansion diha…bisita unya ko ha inig human na. hehehe
    ingatz gurl! have a good weekend! muwah!

  6. anne says:

    Thanks gurls pero murag ang grills next month or by december depende kung naay kwarta for that alone hapit sad 15 ako gasto pahuway sako lol

  7. mrscapricorn says:

    congratz, anne.. naibog jud ko sa imong balay. hinay hinay lang mahuman ra na dili lang nimo damhun..

  8. anne says:

    hehehe salamat den mao jud hinay hinay lang kay kung paspason wahhh dili maapas

  9. Manollie says:

    wow nindot imong balay dai anne… sa subdivision na? nice na jud na samot inig mahuman na ang grills.. congrats! 🙂

  10. anne says:

    salamat ma noll hinaguan tawon ni nako sa akong pag ibig insurance oi haaaaayyy gamay ra pero perting gastuha wahh oo sa subdivisin ni gurl

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