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He Misses His Girls

My Honey’s posted a blog in our homepage. His entry made me sigh and sad that if I could do something right now. I might just be there with him to fill in his longing heart to us. Being apart with the one you love is really hard. The reason why I hate airports when you have to say goodbye. Surely there will be flood of tears along the way when he have to turn his back on you for his flights.

I miss my daughters. I miss MJ’s hugs, her smiles and holding her hand walking in the mall. I miss Faith’s smiles and carrying her in my harms and just being close to her. I miss Mary Anne, even if she is Kulit. I miss them all and know they miss me. They are always in my mind and in my heart even in my busiest moments never far from my thoughts. They are precious, they are special and the brighten my each and everyday.

As Mj always said whenever we have fun at home by taking some pictures of us with her and faith. She always claimed “kulang na lang si daddy” He is always the missing piece of the pictures to make it complete. When he was here that missing piece filled in.

I do miss him so much and I also can tell that the kids are longing for his presence too. I know he have to be here beside us and that I refused to give up. I believed we will win at the end.

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