Because Of Her

We should have not got a schedule for Faith’s baptismal last August 24th if not because of her. Terry arrived at 21st and thats like four days to go for our little one’s christening. My friend told me if we have had our interview in a different church we might not have it. But through the help of Sister Margarita picture below we were able to get the schedule even if we were already late and Even though I forgot our Ninang’s and Ninong’s name. They just let me pay with the numbers of the Godfathers and Godmothers. Well, I also forgot how many they were so I just wrote down there like six while the actual numbers were ten and up. The most important thing for me was that Faith can have her christening while honey was here.
The interview went ok even though Sister Margarita asked why we haven’t married yet . Well blamed it to the in charge who handle our application in USCIS. GRRRRR.
Faith with Sister Margarita on the day of the baptismal

Thank you sister for letting us pushed through the event

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  1. jHeLea says:

    sister margarita is really a heaven sent girl

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