A Stay Home Mom

Blogging is always my past time so for me to keep busy while at home. I’d been working since I was in college and to stay at home find me always boring but through blogging I have now something I could pay attention of, whenever am not taking good care of Faith and MJ is off to school. I was confused at the early days when I first log on here. Until later on I learned.

Blogging helps us specially mom’s to keep those memories intact the high tech way, not only that, Blog can be accessed anywhere from friends and relatives who lives far away from you, in that way they can still keep on track your day to day lives by the photos and videos you are posting.

Now, I would like to share an article I just read on how to create your own family blog:

Step 1: Choose a theme

Think about what kind of blog would you like to have? Would that be a journal of your family in which you can post current events in your family life. Or would that be a photo blog to showcase your most recent pictures. Or a video blog wherein your readers may watch your home videos? Though most bloggers post about everything in one blog like videos, photos or a journal. Feel free to explore or determine what would you like for your blog to come out like.

Step 2: Choose a blog host

Blog host is a blog service provider (like blogspot, wordpress, typepad etc etc) This is the site or the service wherein you can create a blog.

•Pick a blog host that allows you to upload and keep entries, photos and videos with the most amount of space in the web.

•Make sure it is simple to use. Look for a user friendly one that you can simply create a lay out or with a pre design template that you can just upload through the site to your blog.

•Be on the look out for website that offer free blog hosting service. It is common though now a days for those blog host. They have simple requirements and easy to use.

Step 3: Choose a theme and a catchy name for your blog

Most blog service have their simple lay out or templates that you can choose free. But before that you have to choose a title or a name for your blog. It must be easy to remember. The name of your blog does not have to be long or complicated for your reader to easy recall your blog everytime they will view it. It also must be identifiable it should be friends and family can identify it at once, even Grandmas and Grandpas stick to what is familiar and close to home.

Those are the first simple steps on how to create a blog. But keep in mind even though you are posting your family’s events or your rants, feelings and even if its open to everyone. However you still have to value the privacy of your family’s info such as address, contact, and where your kids go to school so for your family to be safe.

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