What Kept Me Busy?

I always love the three templates lay out. But I find it very difficult when you edit and reset the codes of your html. I have tried to make a new lay out with our little one’s page. However I just don’t know how. I already followed the procedure and the codes but it seems like I have mistakenly put the new code in the template that made the lay out messy and disorganized.

So to make it right once and for all. I viewed Amanda’s Page and look for the best templates thats for free. I just edit the background and the header so to fit faith’s header picture. After like one day of editing, reorganizing, and adding some widgets. and sweating too Now it is viewable to everyone. Hope you could pay a visit of my little faith’s house. I have to say bye for now and I’ll see you soon tomorrow.

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One Response to “What Kept Me Busy?”

  1. simplyjacy says:

    it looks good, anne!
    at first i didn’t notice the 3 column layout. but when i scrolled down, i noticed it na.

    i like it!

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