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Just A Quick Note

As I wanted to write something here. I just can’t, my eyes are really droopy, I just tried my best to type even I have a lot of typo that I need to retype to make it right. I didn’t have sleep last night for my friend clarinda came over for something, and my nap this day was not enough aarrghss. I will just edit her name by tomorrow for her link.

I should have wrote something here a while back but Faith demanded a lot of attention so she could sleep. Thank God my sister came over to the rescue.

My blogroll was lost! due for wanting to insert a scrollbar in it. I haven’t notice that the name together with their updates were nowhere to found. So I have to encode their blogs once again in my blog roll without the scroll bar in it. Can’t find the exact code and where to put it in HTML. It is not finished yet so I have to encode those by tomorrow. I am really dozing already. GRRRRR

Maybe waking up early tomorrow would be the best thing to do as I want to write my accomplishments from yesterday.

So Good night everyone! Thanks for always visiting my humble home. Happy Blogging!

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