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Short Message

Hello fellow bloggers! We just got home from school. As I would like to post the kids activities here though I just can’t. Sister Merlyn have to get home early because she have to pay their bills at home plus its her daughter’s birthday also.

So I have to be the only one to attain baby Faith and I can’t extend my time here in the computer inasmuch as I like to. I have prepared now a squash for baby faith as her dinner. I don’t know yet what will be her respond to the food. Since its her first time to taste it.

I might not be going back to log in here. So if ever you noticed that I did not yet grab your tags its all because I’m a little bit busy for the meantime.

Bye for now fellow bloggers. I promise to get back soon if I have the chance.

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A Sympathy For A Dog

When I was on my way home from MJ’s school earlier. I have noticed this dog on the street. It kept on barking and his left foot was injured. The passenger beside me said. The dog’s left foot was being hit by a taxi cab when it tried to cross over the highway.

Poor dog! Nobody even help him. Good thing that he was able to make it at the other side of the street safe. Even his left foot is already injured. When he noticed that no one listened to him when he barks. He just sat down in the street while trying to comfort himself I felt pity for the dog though, I think he didn’t have a home to go to. I just hope that he will not be caught by a drunkard to cook him for appetizer taken with beers co’z they also have the rights like we does.

A Dog’s Bill of Rights

I have the right to give and receive unconditional love.

I have the right to a life that is beyond mere survival.

I have the right to be trained so that I do not become the prisoner of my misbehavior.

I have the right to adequate food and medical care.

I have the right to fresh air and green grass.

I have the right to socialize with people and dogs outside my own family.

I have the right to special time with my people.

I have the right to be bred responsibly if at all.

I have the right to be foolish and silly, and to make my person laugh.

I have the right to earn my person’s trust and to be trusted in return.

I have the right to be forgiven.

I have the right to die with dignity.

I have the right to be remembered well.

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