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I Am So Proud Of Her

My darling MJ. When she dance well at school during their Intram’s day. She did not even forget the stepping, her gesture was good, though she looks so serious on following the steps but she never missed it. She was dancing gaily. Just click Her Video.

I love my daughter so much. She has been my inspiration during those times that we don’t have anyone to hold on to. She was the one who made me more stronger. She is the sweetest girl I ever known. And even she is already the big sister now. She never get jealous to her little sister. Obviously she loves Faith very much. To my darling MJ, I want you to know Mom is always proud of you.

Mj after their dance number

Dancing in the tune of I just wanna be close to you

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Perfect Blend Of Friendship Award

Thank you so much for always being a friend to me Dear Claire. You just don’t how how precious this friendship we have for me.

Awarded: The Story of Us , MOTHERHOOD in a nutshell , The Adventure of MJ , My Inner Thoughts , My Rendezvous , My Little Home, your blog where you post this.

Since you are all precious to me. I am giving this award to all of my friends. I hope you would grab it. Thanks!

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The Simplest Way On How To Place A Link

I noticed that the newbies for blogging doesn’t know yet what are the codes in placing a link I was also had a hard time before on the code. That I have to call my niece to teach me on how to place it. She learned through Friendster though. But later on I figured out the exact codes that I could use here in blogspot when one of my friends sent me a tag. Though I have to go through Edit HTML to see the codes. Just the other day I learned how to do the simplest way through Life As Experienced. Now I don’t have to memorize, copy pasting it over through Edit HTML.
Heres my share:

First you have to click the “new post” on your dashboard where you type your post indicated in color blue below.

Second point your browser to “Compose” just beside the Edit HTML

Then highlight the word you want to place a link. Then click the “link” just above where you write your post it looks like the image below.

Then after you click the link. A small window will pop up to incite you to type the url or address that you wanted to place a link. Clcik Ok.

I hope this could help you when you pass some awards or tags. or just simply make a link of a certain website.

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