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Slendance And Honey

I really wanted to get fit and lose this big belly I have now. I got it since I was pregnant with faith. And no matter how less I ate now. It wont just go away. Last two days ago, I bought a Slendance DVD. Its an instructional dance exercise on DVD. With Valerie Concepcion as the host of the said video. It contains Hip Hop, Latin Dance and Slendance as what she call it. Its a thirty minutes work out just at home. So you can wear whatever outfit you like and just follow the steps.
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Well I hope it will work on my belly to be flatten coz I am missing so much my figure before. geeeezzzzzzzzz.

Together with the Slendance DVD. I also spotted the Honey Movie. I already watched the first part of the movie during our retreat when I was still working. Incoherently due to being so tired from work plus it was shown late already. I slept and was not able to finished it.

The movie is all about believing in your dream, that no matter what people said or tried to put you down. If you believe in it. You would surely soar high.

Just like Honey who was characterized by Jessica Alba. A Hip hop dancer whom her Mom against it. But as she got all the moves and talents. She was able to sway, aiming that through her talent she could help those street children with the same talent even it was against all odds. Through her determination she was able to win in the end and was able to put up her own dance studio. And now she is the most in demand choreographer in town.

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