Yesterday was my first saturday to attend Advance Baking Class in ALS with of course my best buddy ever Clarinda. I get to know some new friends whose talent are baking and cooking. I was kind a lost since I don’t have talent in even one of those.

The class went good. I learned how to mix ingredients properly. I didn’t know that a simply mixing of flour, cream and butter have different techniques for the cake not to messed up after it was cooked.

And my favorite part of the class was tasting. I am good at it always. I was able to taste each ingredients from the start till the end of the class. It taste so yummy. I can’t help to beg for more.

There were three recipe’s we baked yesterday namely: Moist Cake, Pandan Cake with Pinipig Crunch, and the very simple Blue Berry Cake. I will going to make one tomorrow because it didn’t need an oven. I only have to put it in the fridge.

Mariel cannot believe that I also participated in baking those cakes. Well they have done most of the part. But I know I will learn making those myself someday.

‘Till next class

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